Brahman Herd


BRC Mr. Ingram 116

Registration Number: 1028653
Date of Birth: 6/09/2020
Sire: MR. V8 835/7
Dam: MISS V8 344/8

Our Maeckel Farm Cattle herd sire. 

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Miss V8 43/8 "Lily"

Registration Number: 925986
Date of Birth: 3/10/2014
Sire: (=)JDH Berkman Manso
Dam: +Miss V8 382/7

Our best pedigree, Lily is a half-sister to B. R. Cutrer’s famed Miss V8 21/8, Boom Shaka Laka. Lily is a structurally correct large framed cow with exceptional Brahman character. Her disposition is good, and her offspring’s disposition followed suit. 

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Miss MC 8 Violet

Registration Number: 1033417
Date of Birth: 11/21/2020
Sire: + Mr. V8 801/3
Dam: Miss BER 432 "Bertha"

Violet is a moderate framed heifer with excellent structure and disposition. Her sire, + Mr. V8 801/3 "Juice" was the 1991 National Grand Champion Bull. We bred Bertha to Juice with success in lengthening the topline and height of the heifer as compared with her dam. We look forward to her first calf due Spring 2023.

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Miss BER 432 "Bertha"

Registration Number: 946003
Date of Birth: 3/3/2016
Sire: +JDH Mr Tula Manso
Dam: Miss V8 579/6

Bertha is the definition of perfect structure with excellent disposition. She did well on the junior show circuit, placing in the top two of the class in Ft. Worth and the top five of the class in Houston in 2017 and 2018. She also won several smaller shows. Bertha is a medium framed female with modern Brahman character.

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Miss V8 662/8 "Penny"

Registration Number: 960242
Date of Birth: 4/10/2017
Sire: JDH Sir Compian Manso
Dam: Miss V8 94/8

Penny is a medium framed cow with excellent breed character and disposition. Her maternal grandmother is + Miss V8 805/6, the dam of three-time International Champion Mr. V8 146/8 and touted by V8 Ranch as “one of the greatest cows in the history of the ranch.” Penny’s first mating was to Mr. V8 274/7 “George” via A.I. and resulted in an extremely gentle, moderate frame bull calf that we sold as a commercial bull to Halfmann Ranch. Penny is a cattleman’s dream with excellent maternal instincts and milk. Penny also calved our first purebred Brahman heifer out of our new herd sire BRC Mr. Ingram 116. The calf is growing up nicely and will be available for sale in April/May 2023.

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